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So if you are living in a scary dark cavy with no lesbians around you (As I apparently was) and haven’t seen or joined this fabulous website then GET ON IT. It’s been going for a couple of years now and brings lesbians from every which way and every which look you could possibly need together. I rencently guest wrote on the site and have been emailing Hayley the owner since, so here explaining why she did it and what she hopes it will bring to the lesbian comuunity is the lovely lady herself.
So how come you started Sapphica?
I found there wasn’t a single website that catered for lesbians, that covered news, reviews and listings plus had a social network. In fact somewhere where I could log on daily and find any kind of lesbian content in one go. It’s still a bit of a work in progress as I’m constantly thinking of new bits to add, such as the new forums and Travel section and a few others in the pipeline.
How are you getting the word about?

It’s just had a recent revamp. I’m trying my best to raise awareness about the site, on essentially a shoe-string budget! I’ve recently been getting in touch with university LGBT groups to encourage their lesbian members to join Sapphica.
Why is it different to other sites?
Because other than generic Facebook groups and other sites which seem to be geared towards contacts and making money, I thought it would be nice for girls to have a site that they didn’t have to pay for and that is built and tailored for gay girls. It’s a great idea to have contributors like you, it makes it more of a real community.
Ah thank you! Is the webiste your full time job?
Sapphica’s not my full-time job, it’s more like a hobby, it doesn’t make any money although hopefully one day I’ll be able to get advertising revenue from it. I actually work in a pub in Hastings four days a week and do all the sapphica stuff in my spare time, an hour before work in the morning and then as and when I can afterwards and on my days off and at weekends.
That’s amazing! And dedication or what. Is it just you?
My best friend Mel/Dean does all the clever stuff on the site, design and coding and runs transgirls.co.uk , a similar site for well, trans girls!
So what’s next for the webiste in the coming year?

Who knows!? I’d like to see lots more members registering and the whole ‘community’ side of things really taking off. I’m also tentatively planning attending prides and some other events to promote awareness of the site and get the name known. I like doing it because I love the idea that I am doing something for the lesbian community and maybe making something others will love and find useful too. Who knows maybe I’ll get out a bit more and find a date ;)

So come on Ladies sign up to this fantastic site and make sure to check out the gorgeous women’s reviews, treats and where to go out. She’s working hard so that we can call be up to date with everything lesbian. I swear you’ll sign up and you’ll be on it checking out all the new articles and seeing which sexy women have been flirting with you. Hayley is the 2012 lesbian cupid and this website is going to be a massive jump-up-in-the-air-and-scream hit.


Follow on Twitter – @sapphicauk

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